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Professor Ángel Serrano, a member of FRAV, has presented today his PhD titled "A Gabor Wavelet Based Multichannel Approach to a Multimodal Face Verification System", supervised by Dr Enrique Cabello Pardos, in order to obtain the title of Doctor with European Mention by the Rey Juan Carlos University in the program of Information Technologies and Computer Systems. The members of the tribunal were Dr Carlos Cerrada Somolinos (UNED), Dr Javier Ortega García (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Dr Raúl Sánchez Reíllo (Universidad Carlos III), Dr Bai Li (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom) and Dr Isaac Martín de Diego (Rey Juan Carlos University). Both the thesis document and the presentation were done entirely in English, something which was praised by the tribunal members. The qualification obtained was top marks with honours unanimously ("sobresaliente cum laude por unanimidad"), the highest one for a PhD thesis. Congratulations to the new doctor.


Dr Raúl Pinto Elías, professor and researcher of CENIDET (Mexico), is enjoying a new one-month stay with FRAV (he already visited us last April). He will be with us until October 29, 2010. This time he will continue his activities planned in the project "Computer Vision for Security" and will define medium- and long-term strategies for the collaboration between FRAV and the Academical Body of Artificial Intelligence (CA-IA) of CENIDET. Regarding these strategies, the mobility of professors will be considered to support the postgraduate academical programs and the development of research projects in the area of Computer Vision jointly by both institutions, as well as the possibility of new research stays for postgradute students.


Professor and reseacher Ángel Serrano is enjoying a one-month stay at the School of Computer Science and Information Technology of the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom). This is the second stay of this professor to this university, after the one made in April 2006. The goal of this stay is tightening the link with Dr Bai Li and her research group before his future PhD viva, as well as making research about new wavelet-based methods applied to face recognition problems.

Dr Raúl Pinto Elías, Professor and researcher of CENIDET (Mexico), is enjoying a one-month stay with FRAV until May 11. The goal of his stay is carrying out several activities to define a research project between the Face Recognition & Artificial Vision Group of the Rey Juan Carlos University and the Academical Body of Artificial Intelligence (CA-IA) of CENIDET, about Computer Vision applied to surveillance systems.


FRAV research group has appeared today at Antena 3 TV news to talk about our automatic face recognition project developed at the International Madrid-Barajas Airport.


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